Upgrading IIS to 1.6 problem....

Pieter Claerhout PClaerhout at CREO.BE
Tue Apr 18 04:08:18 CEST 2000

If you go to the Internet Services Manager, and you select a web
application, you can edit the application options (in IIS 4 or higher,
a webapp is a folder with the blue icon). If you go to the home directory
tab, you can click on the configure button to change the settings for your
application. If you go there to the App Mapping tabs, to what points the
extension .cgi? My guess it that it's pointing to the python 1.5 
executable and not to the 1.6 executable.

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I run CGI scripts on a real machine, but I also run some on IIS on an NT

To configure IIS to know that .cgi files should run Python, I (long ago)
followed Aaron Watters' instructions, and added a "ScriptMap" parameter
in the Windows registry:
                            .cgi -> C:\Program Files\Python\Python.exe
%s %s

Worked just fine for a good long time.

The other day, I downloaded 1.6a2 and installed it on the PC.  BUT...not
at the
same location -- I installed it in the directory D:\Python16

I figured that changing the above registry entry to
"D:\Python16\\python.exe %s %s"
would be all I needed to do and my Python .cgi code would run using 1.6.

Long story short(er), it didn't work.  My .cgi code still runs using the
1.5.2 version
that is in C:\Program Files\Python.  Honest.  I made the registry change
(I promise) and even rebooted.  Twice to be sure.

Anyone know why my registry change hasn't affected IIS yet?

(Oh, I also -- though this shouldn't matter -- made sure to update my
in my autoexec.bat -- now when I type Python at an MS-DOS prompt, I get

Let me know.  Thanks,


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