Microsoft ActiveX Scripting

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Mon Apr 17 20:20:19 EDT 2000

"Erik Englund" <erikenglund at> wrote in message
news:8dg0rg$afj$1 at
> "You create script components using any scripting language that supports
> Microsoft® ActiveX® Scripting interfaces. Script languages that support
> these interfaces include JScript, Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting
> (VBScript), PERLScript, PScript, and Python."
> If I want to use vbscript with the activeX control I just set the
> 'Languange' to 'vbscript', and it works. Does anyone know what I need to
> wo use it with Python? I have downloaded and installed python for

All you need to do then is say 'LANGUAGE="Python"' :-)

Check out the win32com reademe from the Python for Windows extensions.
This has a link to the Active Scripting pages - some basic demos and info
about using Active Scripting...

[Actually, Ive never personally used the scripting control, but I believe
it works!]


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