[ANNOUNCE] Webware for Python 0.1

Doug Stanfield DOUGS at oceanic.com
Thu Apr 20 00:17:24 EDT 2000

The following intrigues me but its not probably the best endorsement.  When
I hit your published link I get:


Traceback (innermost last):
  File "MainPage.py", line 55, in main
  File "MainPage.py", line 49, in _main
  File "MainPage.py", line 23, in inc_counter
NameError: counter

But I guess you're at V0.1 so proving the error reporting works is a good
thing. :-)

This was from a redirect to http://writewithme.com/Webware/ by the way, so
maybe therin lies the problem.  I am still interested in looking at the


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> Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Webware for Python 0.1
> Webware for Python is a definitive suite of Python software 
> components for use in web development. Each component has a 
> focused purpose and can often be used on it's own. At the 
> same time, the components are designed to work together where 
> appropriate. As a user of Webware, you can bite off as much 
> or as little as you want to chew.
> You can find more and download at:
>       http://www.writers-webshop.com/Webware
> -Chuck
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