Why should I switch to Python?

Neil Hodgson neilh at hare.net.au
Sat Apr 1 09:07:38 EST 2000

> What I'd like to hear from people is what technical
> resons I should switch to Python.  Are there any
> features that Python has (perhaps in it's OO
> offering) that Perl lacks?  From what I can tell
> people tend to prefer Python over Perl mostly
> for its syntax, which I find very likable.

   If you are happy with Perl's syntax and semantics, I think you should
stay with it. There are cases where particular libraries are available in
one or the other language which may make it more usable on a particular
project but overall the languages cover similar ground. If you are curious,
it may be worthwhile trying a small task with Python. It shouldn't take very
long to learn enough Python to have a go.

   I moved from Perl to Python about 2 years ago because of the then better
Windows COM support and stayed because it suited me better. To explain why,
I'd have to repeat some of the common subjective arguments that don't seem
to satisfy Perlers.


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