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Sat Apr 22 09:57:22 CEST 2000

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>I have no idea where things are actually *supposed* to be, but the
>installer placed _tkinter.CFM68k.slb in :Mac:PlugIns: and did not
>install the _tkinter.ppc.slb there also. From what I saw, you can
>either copy _tkinter.ppc.slb into :Mac:PlugIns: or add its location
>to the Path in order to be able to import _tkinter. We are copying
>to :Mac:PlugIns: as it appears that was the installer's intent.

In my distribution, I got 2 copies of _tkinter.ppc.slb
and 2 (or maybe even 3) of _tkinter.CFM68k.slb !
They look different. Maybe one of them is bugged ?

It would be great to have a full listing of the PYTHON directory
on a mac where it works well. (Plus some stats as, e.g. the
memory available, the advised memory, etc.)


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