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right...but since this newsgroup doesn't have the special designation...it
is in English.

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> In article <Pine.WNT.4.21.0004261229180.246-100000 at nt_alester>, Andy
> wrote:
> >> The official language of usenet newsgroups is English,
> >
> >Oh?  And where's THAT defined?
> If memory serves me correctly, I believe that it is a *recommendation*
> necessarily a strict standard) that English be the `official' language of
> Usenet newsgroups, in the RFCs.  I recall seeing a statement to the effect
> of (paraphrased), "Newsgroups which are not in English should append their
> two-character ISO country identifier to the newsgroup name." Thus, the
> French-speaking comp.lang.python would appear as comp.lang.python.fr;
> likewise, an Italian alt.rec.radio.amateur would be formed as
> alt.rec.radio.amateur.it.
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