RESULT: comp.lang.ruby passes 200:16

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Fri Apr 28 09:43:33 EDT 2000

            unmoderated group comp.lang.ruby passes 200:16

There were 200 YES votes and 16 NO votes, for a total of 216 valid
votes.  There were 5 abstentions and 2 invalid ballots.

For a group to pass, YES votes must be at least 2/3 of all valid
(YES and NO) votes.  There must also be at least 100 more YES votes
than NO votes.

A five day discussion period follows this announcement.  If no
serious allegations of voting irregularities are raised, the
moderator of news.announce.newgroups will create the group shortly

Newsgroups line:
comp.lang.ruby		The Ruby dynamic OO programming language.

Voting closed at 23:59:59 UTC, 20 Apr 2000.

This vote was conducted by a neutral third party.  Questions
about the proposed group should be directed to the proponent.

Proponent: Conrad Schneiker <schneiker at>
Votetaker: Dave Cornejo <dave at>

RATIONALE: comp.lang.ruby

Ruby is a very-high-level, dynamic object oriented programming language.
Ruby provides many of the best-liked power and convenience features of Perl
and Python on one hand, with an elegantly simple and powerful syntax that
was partly inspired by Eiffel and Ada on the other hand.  Ruby is a more
thoroughly objected oriented language than Python, and some Ruby features
were inspired by Smalltalk. Ruby is an open source language.

There are over 1000 members of 4 Japanese Ruby mail lists (general,
developers, math, extension writers), with a peak volume topping 100
messages per day. At present, there is one English Ruby mail list with
about 175 members, with a recent volume often exceeding 10 messages per
day and growing.  Many users of the Japanese Ruby mail lists have some
understanding of English and are also prospective comp.lang.ruby users
as well.

Much of 1999's newsgroup discussion of Ruby took place on comp.lang.python,
which is not optimal, since comp.lang.python is dedicated to the Python
language. For obvious reasons, Ruby users do not post there frequently. In
2000, most Ruby discussion has occurred in comp.lang.misc. This again is not
ideal since other comp.lang.misc regulars are typically more interested in
issues that transcend Ruby, and have said as much.

In Japan, Ruby has overtaken Python in terms of popular usage. During 1999
and into early 2000, Ruby has been featured in several articles in the
English language software trade press, indicating it is at the takeoff
threshold that Perl and Python attained years ago.  (Please see for the latest
example.) The English language Ruby home page is, which provides links to documentation and
download pages for Ruby.

CHARTER: comp.lang.ruby

The comp.lang.ruby newsgroup is devoted to discussions of the Ruby
programming language and related issues.

Examples of relevant postings include, but are not be limited to,
the following subjects:

- Bug reports
- Announcements of software written with Ruby
- Examples of Ruby code
- Suggestions for Ruby developers
- Requests for help from new Ruby programmers

The newsgroup is not moderated.  Binaries are prohibited (except the
small PGP type). Advertising is prohibited (except for announcements
of new Ruby-related products).


comp.lang.ruby Final Voter list

Voted YES
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          Andy Newman                                                   joandvan                                                              al                                                            Jim                                     Paul Fuller                                      Geoff Eldridge                                              Toivo Pedaste                                             Graeme Cross                                          Dave Yadallee                                             Trevor Tymchuk                                                   Mike Steed                                                       Mike Linksvayer                                                     Kim DeVaughn                                              David Goodger                                                  David Porter                                     Eric Peterson                                   Nakagawa Makoto                                         Jack Hou</FONT></DIV>                                                   Jules Dubois                                                 Steven Lucas                                                Emile van Sebille                                                Moshe Zadka                                            Henry Schneiker                                         Oliver Schaefer                                                  Dat Nguyen                                               Tetsuya WATANABE                                             Guy N. Hurst
sullivan#Mathcom.COM                                             Steve Sullivan                                             Pete Lyons                                            Takanori Adachi                                                Tim Peters                                                   Joey Morris                                             Thomas G. McWilliams                                       Ralph Amissah                                               Tres Seaver                                                    stevan apter                                               Tushar Samant                                                  Jim Riley                                                   Wes Nakamura                                                       Huayin Wang                                                     Jeff Bauer                                       Christopher Browne
takaaki.higuchi#Japan.Sun.COM                                   Takaaki Higuchi                                                Peter da Silva                                                   Dave Thomas                                               Juliet Thomas
andy#Toolshed.Com                                                   Andrew Hunt
ellie#Toolshed.Com                                               Ellie Callahan                                                 Joe Myers                                                  Abhay Natu                                               Kent Paul Dolan                                       Brian P. Sweeney                                 <SPAN class=485464314-31032000>                                                              mrilu                                                     David Mertz                                          Juergen Cohrs                                            Ekkehard Uthke                                        Peter Sommerfeld                                      Burkhard D. Steinmacher-Burow                                                      Sven Neuhaus                                            Tobias Erle                                         Walter Zettel                                            Niels Olof Bouvin                                              Jens Peter Secher                                       Quinn Dunkan                                                Cliff Crawford                                             Adam Procter                                            Neel Krishnaswami                                            Reimer Behrends                                                  Jeff Shipman                                             Robert C Linwood                                               Graham Hughes                                              Aaron J Reichow                                             David S de Lis                                                Jaakko Vayrynen                                                Guy Decoux                                  Daniel Calvelo                                  Andrew D. McDowell                                     Gabor Legradi                                           Ariel Scolnicov                                 Masato KIYAMA                                     GOTO Kentaro                                     Masahiro Tanaka                              TAKAHASHI Hitoshi                                          Hidetoshi NAGAI                                   Shin-ichiro HARA                                         Mitsuru Ogino                                               Naoto SONE                                              Satoshi Ohdachi                                    Hitoshi Washizu                                Masaki Fukushima                                Hiroshi Igarashi                                                      OHARA Shigeki                                                 Kan Sasaki                                     Taiji Kan                                            SUENAGA Tomohiro                                             Taku Nakajima                                            KIMURA Koichi                                              ARIMA Yasuhiro                                                    Hirosi Inoue                                      Takayuki Ogihara                                  Tachino Nobuhiro                                            Shunji Uno                                       Ito Kazumitsu                                        Yamada Kenji                                          Norio Agawa                                                   Masato Toyoshima                                           Takahiro Kambe                           HIRAMOTO Shin-ichi                                              Mikiya Kitamura                                  Sadayuki Sakamoto                                                  Hideyuki Ezaki                                         Shinichi Inoue                                            KIMATA Isao                                              Hiroshi Inoue                                            Yukihiro Matsumoto                                                  Shugo Maeda                                             Mitsuhiro Kondo                                             Hisashi Morita                                    Jun Adachi                                         Seiichi Miyagawa                                          Katsuyuki Komatsu                                         Takashi Hatakeyama                                            Hirofumi Tamori                                              Daiji KANEMATSU                                                Hirotaka AOKI                                              Masahiro Kawata                                               Ataru NAKATA                                              HengSu Kim                                               Hiromitsu Takagi                                                  Yuji                                        Takashi Shimizu                                      Junzi TAKAHASHI                                              YANO Kyoji                                           IKARASHI Akira                                          INOUE Tomoichi                                        金光雅夫                                             Kazuhiko IZAWA                                               Yuichi Masuda                                      Noritsugu Nakamura                                        Nobuyoshi Nakada                                           YAMASHIRO Shunsuke                                     Tomoyuki Kosimizu                                   MATSUSHIMA Tomokazu                                      Toshiro Kuwabara                                             Makoto Ozawa                                                 Wakou Aoyama                                        Hisashi Wakai(earth)                                                  Shoichi OZAWA                                          Yoshinori Tahara                                           KANEOKA Shinji                                                     IKEDA Kenji                                           Akihiro Yamauchi                                         hisashi y. morita                                              Tadayoshi Funaba                                                 Inaba Hiroto                                        Masashi Hattori
Suketa<>                                      Masaki Suketa                                                     Hal Fulton                                           jared richardson                                             Nathaniel Gray                                         Robert Zimmerle                                            Kikutani, Makoto                                                 Clemens Hintze                                                    Dirk Hintze                                                            Jan Haar                                             Steven H. Rogers                                             Conrad Schneiker                                             Daisuke Kanda                                                   Stefan Franke                                          Neal Cappel                                               Gregory Edwards                                                Evert Meulie esq                                     Arthur J Mongan                                       Remco Gerlich                                            Boudewijn Rempt                                             Kai Andresen                                   J Alan Jackson                                         John David Galt                                                       Lewis Perin                                                 Scott M. Ferris                                           Tomer Brisker                                               OZAWA Sakuro                                                Raphael Quinet                                                          Ian Main                                                   Hiro Inoue                                                  KOYAMA Tetsuji                                                    Jvrg Czeranski                                                      Toru Hoshina                                               Arthur T. Murray                                               Larry Smith                                             David E. Smith                                               Junji Yamashita                                             Nigel Rantor                                        Grzegorz Makarewicz                                     Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk                                                        Hugh Sasse                                             James Coupe                                              William Boughton

Voted NO
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                  Yves Bellefeuille                                                     Ru Igarashi                                                   Dwight Brown                                                 Bob McClenon                                                G.P. Ryan                                                 Tom Phoenix                                                J Pimentel                                                  Thilo Ernst                                 Christian Weisgerber                                              Richard H. Miller                                                 Kurt Weber                                       Matthew Montchalin                                              Jay Denebeim                                        Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes                                                   Oleg Broytmann                                           Chris Ebenezer

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                      Christopher Robin Zimmerman                                                 Alexander Pennace                                           Robert-Jan van Ette                                   James Farrar                                            Darren Wyn Rees

Invalid ballots
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                             tsui man ngar
    ! No vote statement in message
    ! No vote statement in message

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