Embedding Python in Visual C++ 6.0

Matthias matthias_w at my-deja.com
Wed Apr 12 07:58:33 EDT 2000

Sorry - but I realy tried. I have the same probleme with your
pythonwin.cpp sourcecode when I try to debug it. In
<b>glue.DynamicApplicationInit(startup)</b>everything looks nice, but
if I step into <b>glue.InitInstance()</b> I get the unhandled exception
(see below). The Address where the debugger "land's" seems right
(1E401F69) it should be the address of <b>BOOL Win32uiInitInstance()
</b>, but there is no code :.(  and if I try to place a break-point in
this function, it is deactivated from VisualC (white dot with red frame)
I really do not have any idea what I am doing wrong - If a start
pythonwin_d.exe from the explorer there is no problem!

Thank you for your help
Matthias :-)

In article <N2YI4.2030$UB.13624 at news-server.bigpond.net.au>,
  "Mark Hammond" <mhammond at skippinet.com.au> wrote:
> You also need to override InitApplication().
> I should update the docs, but until then, simply look at
Pythonwin.cpp and
> see what it does - whatever it does, it obviously works :-)
> Mark.
> <matthias_w at my-deja.com> wrote in message
> news:8d1he4$26d$1 at nnrp1.deja.com...
> > Hy! :-)
> >
> > Maybe someone (Mark Hammond??) can help me. I
> > tried to embedd the win32 extentions from Mark in
> > a visual c++ project, but everytime the
> > <b>Win32uiInitInstance()</b> is called (via
> > <b>glue.InitInstance()</b>) I get an unhandled
> > exception at 0xC0000005 Access Violation and the
> > debugger jumps to 1E401F69 - the address of the
> > Win32uiInitInstance() function. When i try create
> > a break-point in this function this break-point
> > is disabled %-( by the compiler. The same is true
> > if i try to debug the original pythonwin project.
> >
> > Help please!
> >
> > Matthias
> >
> >
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