[Announce] CDDB 1.0 Python module released!

Ben Gertzfield che at debian.org
Wed Apr 19 17:18:55 EDT 2000

Hi everyone! I've received several patches for the CDDB module and
lots of good feedback since the original 0.5 release, and so now it's
time for a new version, 1.0!

You can fetch it from the usual place:


CDDB.py provides an easy way for Python programs to fetch track and
disc information on audio CDs. This information is acquired from CDDB,
a very large online database of track listings and other information
on audio CDs. Included is a C extension module to enable Python to
read track listings from audio CDs under Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, and
Win32. The interface to this extension module is portable and is
intended to be ported to other OSes easily.

Brief summary of changes in the 1.0 release:

This release includes a cdrom module that builds under Linux, Solaris,
and FreeBSD, along with a Win32 cdrom module!

There were several bugs in the old code related to multiple match
returns from CDDB

Please let me know if you find any bugs! :)


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