Python compiler ? (was Re: Python for drivers?)

Ben Darnell bgdarnel at
Thu Apr 27 04:26:24 CEST 2000

In article <FtnGu1.Dso at>, Will Ware wrote:
>gchiaramonte at wrote:
>> How about $100 each? Then we only need 600 users. If his compiler
>> really works, count me in.
>That's not a bad price per-person, but what are the chances that he'd
>be willing to open-source it? He seems to regard this as a revenue
>generator, so he'd likely consider the source code (or at least a
>large fraction of it) a trade secret. I'd also be willing to kick in
>$100 for an efficient Python compiler, but only if it were open source.

You might want to post a request on, a service which is
designed to do just what you're talking about here - collect aggregate 
payments from the community for open source projects.  You first post the
request and get indications of interest from sponsors then see if any
developer will submit a proposal.


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