Do I always have to write "self." ?

Louis M. Pecora pecora at
Sun Apr 30 09:55:47 EDT 2000

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> Louis M. Pecora (pecora at wrote:
> > I'm sure some way of declaring variables 'local' could be done in the
> > class defintion, but I doubt Guido would do that now.
> It wouldn't be too hard to write a preprocessor that would do this
> for you. You might put tags in your code such as
> #Locals: foo bar xyzzy
> and
> #Endlocals


> The choice to use the word 'self' is not imposed by Python, it's just
> a convention for readability. You can use 's' instead if you wish.


Thanks for both ideas and pointers.  Writing a preprocessor is out of
the question for me.  I doubt I'm that good or even have the time.  I
like the second suggestion.  Thanks, again.

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