Some bugs in Pythonwin b.128

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Sun Apr 2 15:48:32 CEST 2000

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>"Michal Bozon" <bozon at> wrote in message
>news:Pine.OSF.4.10.10003281852310.6437-100000 at prfdec.natur.cuni.c
>> known from IDLE 0.5, I mean when I write a function name and
>> the beginning bracket, it appears a tip "window" with list of
>> of function and the docstring.

>This works for every one else :-)

Actually, if you're one of those cursed few with a non-US/Brit./Australian 
keyboard you may have to tinker a bit. The events for parenthesis in the 
config file are wired to the Shift-9 & 0 keys. My keyboard uses Shift-8 & 

Try changing these settings in your config file:
    Shift-9           = <<paren-open>>
    Shift-0           = <<paren-close>>

BTW, I never managed to put my changes in a separate file and use fallback 
to the default file. Not even idle.cfg in the distribution worked this way. 
I ended up copying the whole default.cfg file. I didn't try hard so this 
just might work for everyone else :-)


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