Qutting the interpreter

Dennis Marti dennis_marti at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 1 01:06:02 EST 2000

In article <38E42BC6.4591E2E7 at simplyweb.net>, Michael Ackerman 
<ack at simplyweb.net> wrote:

>    I am trying to find a way of quitting the interpreter. On p.3 of the
> tutorial it says this can be done by 'import sys; sys.exit()', but this
> produces an error message when I try it. I used to be able to quit by
> 'raise SystemExit', but that no longer works either. So how is this done?

File -> Quit works, as does command-q.

control-d, "raise SystemExit", and "import sys; ..." work when the 
interpreter is running by itself, but not with the IDE.

>    I am using version 1.5.2c.1 of Python on a Mac.

me too. an iBook, in case Matheus is reading.


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