embedding python question

Dave Barrett dave at humancode.com
Tue Apr 4 01:05:11 CEST 2000


    Here is what I would like to do...

    Let's say I have N python scripts i would like to run.  I have a set
amount of time I would like them to run (eg.  500 milliisecs), splitting the
time between them. In other words, I would like each script to run for
approx N/time millisecs, then suspend itslef return to the C++ main
procedure to call the next one in order.  During the next timeslot I would
like to resume running the scripts where they stopped.  The timing does not
have to be exact, just close.  How would I go about doing this with the
embedded api ?  Is it possible ?  If not, are they any similiar things I can
try ?



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