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info to spice up web pages with python:

> Hello All.

> I normally just use Python to script things, and help me with
> admin tasks.  I know very little about web page development.

> I have a young nephew.  He is really interested in web page
> development.  He wanted to learn JavaScript, but I convinced
> him to give Python a go.

Well, there is actually one good reason to use Javascript: it is run 
by the client (browser). This
allows small scripts to be embedded in web pages. This can be done 
because all modern browsers 
have embedded Javascript (also called Ecmascript) interpreters. To do 
the same thing with Python
would require a Python browser plug-in, and I'm not aware of any that 
exist. There is a Tcl plug-in,

On the other hand, if you want to do server-side scripting (e.g. CGI), 
then Python works just fine with
your Apache server. In fact, there is a mod_python (from PyApache 
package) available for Apache. This
makes server/CGI scripts run faster, but won't really be necessary for 
CGI experimenting.

Keith Dart

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