simple httplib and urllib timeout question

darrell darrell at
Thu Apr 13 00:20:52 EDT 2000

Yeah I would love to:
a) check out your Internet Robot
b) help out with any code

Ive already made a database module using mysqldb for inserting urls
into a table and updating the db relationships etc, for classifying the

I played a bit today with Michal's botlib , it seems to work really well ,
and increases my bots speed alot (being that it doesn't hang on any urls) so
far. Ive left it running for the evening , and see how it goes.

Anyway , I would love to help out, if I can. My goal is to build a fast(as
possible) robot in python that will be ultra flexible and hopefully
intelligent as well that can add & classify urls.

So count me in if you want some help.


"Oleg Broytmann" <phd at> wrote in message
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> Hi, there!
> On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Michal Wallace (sabren) wrote:
> > meanwhile... HEY OLEG! -> have you done anything w/ this?
>    I am about to release the third version of my "Bookmarks database and
> Internet robot" project. It is 98% finished, I just need a bit more
> testing. If you are interested, I can publish it in current beta state.
>    The third version is a complete rewrite. All things had been revamped,
> and rewriteen in OO manner, and made more modular and pluggable. I don't
> value OO by itself, but this time the OO approach helped me to make the
> code simpler, smaller, more readable and reusable.
>    After releasing it, I'll continue to work on new modules and plugins.
> There are thre areas for plugins - database managers, so called writers
> (data dumpers that could dump data to different text formats) and robots.
>    Currently I (re)implemented 2 robots - simple and forking, Forking
> is fine, but slow - it checks one URL at a time.
>    In the field of your interest - yes, I want to write more robots, at
> least two - I want a threading robot, but much more than that I want an
> asyncore-based robot. I haven't done anything yet; it seems I need to
> rewrite the entire urllib to use asyncore, and it is hard work. Anyway I
> need the work to be done, so if no one would help me - I will do it
> At least will TRY to do it :)
> Oleg.
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>     Oleg Broytmann
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