Tkinter+win32 Installer question

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Apr 24 16:02:49 CEST 2000

gregholmes at wrote:

> I am developing multiple programs using Tkinter and win32 extensions.
> Is there a reliable, brute force way to use the Installer to make a
> distribution that will work? I realize I am not posting specifics here,
> but that is kind of the point; is there a general solution? The default
> behavior seems to exclude necessary things.
> I don't mind reinventing the wheel if needed ;) but has this wheel
> already been invented?

You sure are short on specifics: I guess you're talking about 
my Installer. I also guess you're talking about the default 
exclude of win32api and PyWinTypes15.dll. Simply remove 
the offending excludes line from the config and run Builder on 
it, (or remove it from the templates in Simple, Standalone and 
or Freeze, whichever you're using).

They are excluded because most people don't specifically use 
them, but the framework uses the os module, which will 
include these. But os uses them only for the abspath function, 
and has a reasonable fallback if they're not installed. So for 
most users they would be excess baggage that they didn't 
ask for.

- Gordon

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