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Wed Apr 26 02:09:19 CEST 2000

Robb Shecter wrote:
> Hi,
> I read an old post about metaclasses (included on the cd-rom with the
> book "Mit Python programmieren"), and got very interested, because I
> imagine that by making a new metaclass, I could maybe fix the one thing
> about Python that annoys me: the obligatory use of "self" in method
> declarations and variable access.  (Python's syntax is so clean and neat
> in all other areas, I feel like it's a shame that there's excess
> verbosity in this one place.)

No-no. No? No!
There are reasons why people might want to use metaclasses.
But not just to get rid of that verbose "self" argument.

I'd suggest to stay with both the shame and classes as they
are now. This is the cheapest possible way here: Change your
mind about self --
-- it is not *the* problem. it is *really* no problem.

The problem is very much different and harder.
Ask me via private mails if you don't get it.

ciao - chris

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