General question of "SystemError:NULL result..."

gmol at gmol at
Sat Apr 15 03:35:33 EDT 2000

Hi all, disclaimer, I am new to python so I may be doing something
severly stupid.

I have a problem, while it is with VTK, I was wondering if someone could
tell me if it is in fact a general one.

I have installed VTK and python on my sys,and some of the python
examples work, and some don't...the ones that don't say always say
something like:

  File "", line 106, in ?
SystemError: NULL result without error in call_object

Now, no one has been able to figure this out on the VTK list...but I do
know that people can run the same examples on the same python under the
same platform (linux) and the same Mesa...

Has anyone ever had problems like this in another package; where some
examples do work (showing that is it not a problem about compilation
with shared suppourt or anything)? Could someone let me in on what I
could do to find out exactly what call is being made in the compiled lib
that is returning the NULL result?

Sigh, I realize this is a shot in the dark,but I am desparate and
someone knows whats going on :)

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