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Tomek Lisowski Lisowski.Tomasz at sssa.nospam.pl
Fri Apr 7 08:45:29 CEST 2000

U¿ytkownik Ian Parker <parker at gol.com> w wiadomooci do grup dyskusyjnych
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> >> >Hi!
> >> >
> >> >I have tried to compile Python sources on my VAX OpenVMS system, but
> >I
> >> >realized, that instead of my trusty DEC C++ compiler I need a native C
> >> >compiler. Unfortunately my C++ compiler cannot be reverted to a native
> >> >language mode. Has anyone succeeded to create VAX OpenVMS Python
> >binaries?
> >> >
> >> >Note: Apart from VAX OpenVMS I have also an Alpha OpenVMS server, but
> >here I
> >> >don't have any C/C++ compiler available. If anyone has created Alpha
> >OpenVMS
> >> >Python binaries, please contact me too.
> >> >
> >> >Thanks in advance
> >> >
> >> >Tomasz Lisowski
> >> >
> >>
> >> Tomasz
> >>
> >> If you aren't planning changes to the source, why not just download and
> >> link the object modules from:
> >> http://decus.decus.de/~zessin/python/obj.html
> >>
> >> I'm so inspired by this solution, I'm at last downloading them myself.
> >
> >I am just not sure, for which platform were these modules compiled, and
> >which version of OpenVMS system. I suppose, there could be some
> >between the OpenVMS versions. At least you can see them in the source
> >where there are some #ifdef and #if directives concerning the OpenVMS
> >version string.
> >
> >Please report, if you succeeded in making your Python running properly,
> >including the platform and OS info.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Tomasz Lisowski
> >
> Tomasz
> I'm glad to say that the VMS objects worked perfectly on both Alpha and
> VAX VMS systems.  They're both V7.x - I didn't bother to check specific
> version numbers.  I'm planning to deploy to about 20 VMS Alpha and VAX
> boxes.  I even built a backup saveset of the resultant directory tree
> and a have a DCL script that does the VAX or Alpha assembly and linking
> on the target box - this keeps it very simple.   I may even go all the
> way and make a VMSINSTALL/PCSI kit.
> I'm really impressed with the OpenVMS port (Uwe, please keep up the good
> work!).  Only one qualification, at the moment I think the objects don't
> support threading, but haven't really investigated yet.

Good to hear that!

I will try too those object files, as I am using the same Open VMS version.
Thanks for the information

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