Installer Producing Page Fault

Gordon Williams g_will at
Mon Apr 10 23:24:56 CEST 2000

Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> wrote in article
<1256735085-36518465 at>...
> Gordon Williams wrote:
> > I am using Gordon's installer program to make a standalone program that
> > self installs.  After running the install_BS_main.exe created,
> > is put into the proper directory (I think).  Then running BS_main.exe I
> > immediately get a crash with the following:
> Never tried it myself, but I got this note once from Gary Herron:
> > ** Numeric Python.  The 'import Numeric' statment imports _numpy.pyd,
> > but this is not caught by  Add
> >   misc= C:\Program Files\Python\Numeric\_numpy.pyd
> > in the appropriate target of the cfg file.

Yes that did the trick and it is now working.  The wxPython stuff was all
found (a bit to my supprise) but the serial IO module had a problem and
required a few extra lines in the .cfg file.



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