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> Well. I tried porting both Crypt::UnixCrypt and Crypt::PasswdMD5 to
> python.  And neither one of the python versions give the same results
> as the perl versions. They come out in the same format, but with
> different values.
> I've pounded my head, pulled out my hair, and finally given up. I
> simply don't know enough about the algorithms or perl's bit twiddling
> to understand what these modules are actually doing.

It wasn't in the bit twiddling. You reversed the conditionals in the
first for loop in unix_md5_crypt().

/home/dennis $ diff
<             ctx = ctx + final[:16]
<         else:
>         else:
>             ctx = ctx + final[:16]

Hope you didn't lose too much hair.

Dennis Marti

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