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>: Hi
>: I have quite a big problem. I have two different files, where I in one
>: file want to declare a variable and then in the other file be able to
>: access and use this variable (no need to change it), but I just can't
>: seem to get it to work... Is there any nice way of doing this easily?
>: I have tried the global var but this doesn't seem to work.
>: Anyone got a good idea?

Be careful that when you write "from module import *", you get
duplication of the imported module public names into your namespace,
with their current referenced objects.

If one module change(*) the object which is referenced in its
namespace, the other module dont see the modification.

    var = 12

    from mod1 import *
    # Here you get var with value 12.
    var = 18
    # Here you have var with value 18 and mod1 has var with value 12.

To avoid this problem, you must access globals by their modules names.

    import mod1
    mod1.var = 18
    # And its ok.

Here, to force the use of module prefix, we have adopted the rule to
all times use a _ before globals names, so that they MUST be accessed
by their modules names.



(*) Change the object instance!!! If you have a 'shared' list between
modules, you can do operations on it and all modules ill see them...
except the bad module which create a new list instance and assign it
to its namespace'name.

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