ANN: Stackless Python for MacOS

Just van Rossum just at
Tue Apr 4 19:23:01 EDT 2000

I Proudly Present a Not-For-Everybody(tm) Release:

   S T A C K L E S S   P Y T H O N   F O R   M A C O S

I've uploaded a "drop-in" replacement for the PythonCore 1.5.2 shared
library here:

It should be fully compatible with the latest MacPython release.

What it is?

Well, it's a modified version of Python which avoids the C stack, written
by Christian Tismer.

But, what *is* it?

Erm, for one, see <> and then, for it's killer app
-- Micro Threads -- see <>.
Stackless Python adds cool, but mind boggling features to Python:
continuations & co-routines.

I'm playing with MicroThread additions to the MacPython IDE, using separate
threads for scripts. This looks *very* promising. If I manage to make
something stable-ish, I'll post IDE patches to the MacPython sig.

General Stackless talk should probably take place on comp.lang.python, Mac
specific issues (as IDE support) should be discussed on the MacPython sig.

Even though I still hardly understand the implications of it all yet,
Stackless is IHMO the most exciting new Python development at the time,
together with Unicode support in 1.6. Stackless will most likely not be
incorporated into Python 1.6, but *maybe* if we make enough noise we can
convince Guido it should go into 1.7... More stackless killer apps please!

Have fun,


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