Comparing PythonWin and IDLE?

Charlie Derr charlie at
Fri Apr 14 18:10:16 CEST 2000

 	instead of:

import myModule

	try this:


	and you should be able to get your recently modified changes to take effect
without restarting python


Michael Scharf wrote:
|David Smith wrote:
|> Warren Postma wrote:
|> >  I find once a module has
|> > been imported once, it often will not import again, even if I
|have changed
|> > the source (.py) file, the .pyc file does not appear to be
|regenerated, and
|> > any errors in the .py file can only be fixed by editing and
|saving the .py
|> > file, quitting the IDE and restarting. This appears to happen
|for both IDLE
|> > and Python. Anybody else seen this?
|> When you edit a file under Idle, Save it and then hit Control-F5.  Then
|> you can re-import the file.
|But a re-import should also change existing instances of
|functions, classes and methods defined in the module. OK,
|there are some cases, where a new version is incompatible
|with the old data members, but sometimes it would be
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