Why should I switch to Python? - Infinity of Primes

Jim Richardson warlock at eskimo.com
Sun Apr 9 22:08:11 CEST 2000

On 8 Apr 2000 23:59:14 GMT, 
 Martijn Faassen, in the persona of <m.faassen at vet.uu.nl>,
 brought forth the following words...:

>Summary of the thread:
>Why should I switch to Python from Perl?
>[usenet lore knows that huge flamewar may be about to explode]
>Some discussion on Python versus Perl.
>Under what circumstances Python could be better.
>Several people say: stick to Perl if you're already comfortable with it.
>[usenet lore scratches its head]
>Tim Peters joins in.
>thread segues into math.
>[usenet lore looks flabbergasted] 
>long discussion on math, formal proof of the infinity of primes ensues
>Constructivist math, Brouwer, half of Pythondom joins into the discussion
>[usenet lore panics!]
>Discussion mentiones Haskell and Scheme, as they always do.
>[usenet lore goes mad and concludes original poster should switch to
>Haskell, *now*]
>I just think this thread is very funny. It should count as a reason to
>use Python. Although the place has become a bit hectic at times in this
>newsgroups, we seem to have various antibodies against flamewars here. :)

It's Python-jitsu
 Don't fight the flamers, use their energy for constuctive discussions :)

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