Sybase module - release 0.5

Dave Cole djc at
Wed Apr 12 09:07:11 CEST 2000

Sybase is a module which provides a Python interface to the Sybase
relational database system (surprise). The Sybase package supports
almost all of the Python Database API, version 2.0 with extensions.

The Sybase package is designed to work with Python versions 1.5.2 and
later and Sybase versions 11.0.3 and later. It is based on the Sybase
Client Library (ct_* API), and the Bulk-Library Client (blk_* API)

The module contains the following items: 

      Module interface 
      Connection objects 
      Cursor objects 
      Bulkcopy objects 

The homepage contains a
description of the deviations from the Database API specification.

The module can also be downloaded from

Changes in this release:

        - DST bug fix.  datetime fields were always converted to
          daylight saving time for some bizarre reason ('cos I am an
        - Numeric columns with scale == 0 are now retrieved as Python
        - You can bulkcopy Python long values into numeric columns
          when the numeric has scale == 0.

- Dave

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