Need Help w/JPython deployment

Scott Bortman scott at
Mon Apr 24 11:35:38 EDT 2000


I am having a bit of difficulty using jpythonc.

I have a script I want to deploy and I want to
have everything it needs in a single jar file.  This
is because JPython is NOT on the machine I want
to run the script (but Java is).

Here's the options I've tried using:

--compiler <path to my javac>
--jar <target jar filename>

And then the name of my script:


But, I get the following error:

processing npp_lab_status_mai

Required packages:

Creating adapters:

Creating .java files:
  npp_lab_status_mai module

Compiling .java to .class...
Compiling with args: ['h:\\jdk1.3\\bin\\javac', '-classpath',
Building archive: npp_lab_status_mai.jar
Tracking java dependencies:
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "H:\JPython-1.1\Tools\jpythonc2\", line 5, in ?
  File "H:\JPython-1.1\Tools\jpythonc2\", line 291, in main
  File "H:\JPython-1.1\Tools\jpythonc2\", line 284, in writeResults
  File "H:\JPython-1.1\Tools\jpythonc2\", line 86, in dump
  File "H:\JPython-1.1\Tools\jpythonc2\", line 80, in dumpFiles
  File "H:\JPython-1.1\Tools\jpythonc2\", line 94, in addOneClass
AttributeError: java package 'org.python.modules' has no attribute

Is there something I missed?

Thanks in advance,

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