win32all-128.exe availability?

Robert soundhack at
Thu Apr 20 07:14:31 EDT 2000

Well  thanks to calishar's patience, I finally have it. It's available to
on  Thanks again to calishar!

Calishar wrote in message <3k9qfs0ropdsv515f9he7lkpdrf1qfputv at>...
>On Tue, 18 Apr 2000 20:49:08 -0400, "Robert" <soundhack at>
>>Now that starship has crashed, I was wondering if it was possible to
>>get the 128 build of Pythonwin extensions off the net? By an unfortunate
>>coincidence, my own hard drive chose to crash around the time starship
>Don't know if any sites have a mirror of win32all-128, but I have it
>on my HD (love being a packrat, still have -127 too). If you want I
>can try e-mailing it to you. I say try because the file is 3.2M and
>@home gives me a 5M message size limit.
>Let me know if you want it via mail.
>calishar at

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