Need Help w/JPython deployment

Tim Hochberg tim.hochberg at
Mon Apr 24 12:02:38 EDT 2000

"Scott Bortman" <scott at> wrote in message
news:sg8pqclrcdo26 at

> I am having a bit of difficulty using jpythonc.


> But, I get the following error:


> AttributeError: java package 'org.python.modules' has no attribute
> '__path__'
> Is there something I missed?

This is a jpythonc bug. You should download Finn Bock's errata which
contains a set of patches to fix various problems in jpythonc that have
surfaced since the last release. It can be found at Once you have this it should
just be a matter of figuring out the correct set of options and it sounds
like you were most of the way there....


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