Two questions

Bjorn Pettersen bjorn at
Tue Apr 4 23:56:24 CEST 2000

Ivan Van Laningham wrote:
> Hi All--
> I'm finally getting a chance to use Python at work.  I have two
> questions:

Congratulations :-)

> 1)  Is there a way to run silent (i.e., we determine where things go and
> the customer never sees any wizards) installs of Python, Tcl/Tk and
> Win32all?

If you want to package up your program into an exe and execute it,
Installer from Gordon's starship pages can do this
(  It's actually
_much_ easier than it looks ;-)

> 2)  What stuff do I need to use msaccess with Python?  Do I need to use
> Win32all, or can I use Tkinter for my (minimal) GUI, with msaccess?

You'll probably want to check out one of the odbc packages.  (I haven't
used any of them myself, but mxODBC seems to be highly recomended...)

-- bjorn

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