Do I always have to write "self." ?

Louis M. Pecora pecora at
Sun Apr 30 10:08:00 EDT 2000

In article <m3bt2tonyg.fsf at>, Michael Hudson
<mwh21 at> wrote:

> > Thinking about readability, I wrote the C++ coding standard here
> > where I work.  When we programmers reviewed it, a co-worker
> > insisted that part of our standard be to prefix the names of all
> > member variables in any class with "m_" so that we could
> > distinguish them from other variables.  I believe that "m_" is a
> > Microsoft-ism and in my humble opinion is just another way to spell
> > "self.".  I think this shows that even C++ programmers are capable
> > of seeing the wisdom of the Pythonic way.
> I have unpleasant memories of trying to understand C++ code that named
> a *local* variable m_something.  Bleargh.  Unambiguous is good.

Isn't this called something like "Hungarian" variable naming?  It has
somethig to do with the Hungarian language IIRC.  There was a whole
movement (maybe it took refuge at Microsoft) which prepended all
variable names with a letter that referred to it's "namespace."  E.g.
use g for global variables:  gChannel, gSocket1, etc.  I thought it was
an aberration. Ugly!  A suffix would be much more readable:  Channelg,
Socket1g etc.  But even then...

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