Starship update, April 21

Andrew M. Kuchling akuchlin at
Fri Apr 21 16:13:17 CEST 2000

The data recovery firm has received the disk, and after a preliminary
examination, things aren't looking very promising.  It was explained
to me that the actuator coil expanded and began to rub up against the
magnet, which in turn made the disk heads rub against the platter.
The fix is to buy a new actuator coil, replace the heads (which is the
most delicate and costly operation they do) and try reading data off
the disk.  They estimate there is only a 25% chance of recovering any
data at all.

Further news will be posted as events warrant.

A.M. Kuchling
Yes: the code in ntpath.split is too clever to have any hope of working
correctly <wink>.
  -- Tim Peters, 19 Mar 99

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