From Python Newbie to Python Guru on the Fast Track: HOW?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at
Tue Apr 4 10:34:32 EDT 2000

"Robert W. Cunningham" wrote:
> Given where I am, and where I hope to go, what is the fastest way to
> fill in the gaps in my knowledge?

Read the official tutorial for Python and Frederik's Tkinter 
tutor (for cross platform portability Tkinters probably the 
easiest way to go for now, GTk and Glade notwithstanding)

There are several good Python books for existing programmers
'Programming Python'(now a wee bit old), 
Essential Python(?), 
Quick Python and 
Learning Python all get good marks.
'Internet Programming with Python' may be relevant since 
it includes stuff on using sockets etc but its hard to find.

There is only 1 that I know of for Tkinter - Manning Press, 
written by John Grayson. Its probably worth buying.
Frederick is apparently publishing his tutor but I don't 
know when....

The O'Reilly 'Python for win32' may be a must have given 
your target environment.

> my only access to other Python expertise being this newsgroup 

Check out the mailing lists too - the tutor list would be 
a good starter but you will outgrow it pretty fast I suspect....

Also try some of the SIGs, they might be relevant.

Finally consider a web based approach to what you want, that 
might be simpler albeit more retricted in the long term...
It all looks mightily ambitious to me.

Alan G.
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