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>It was just an unexpected surprise. I'm fairly new to all of this and 
>always heard of CGI in the context of "you don't have to user CGI 
>anymore because of the fancy new blah blah technology we offer!" I'll 
>try it and I'm sure it'll be fine. If all of you clean-code loving 
>python users can live with it then I'm sure I can too. <g>
CGI has been dead for at least five years.

That is, in 1995 already, knowledgeable people were saying
that there was no good reason to start a new project with

I was briefly one of them.

We were wrong.

There certainly are fancy new technologies.  I use several
of them.  In many cases, though, they don't even do as ad-
vertised (that is, perform better, code with more ease, ...
than CGI-based alternatives), let alone compete with CGI's
portability, ...

I recognize no one here is disputing the proposition.  It's
just struck me recently how pervasive the propaganda on this
score is.  CGI has an *abyssmal* popular reputation.

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