Future compatibility of the Python C API

Reini Urban rurban at x-ray.at
Sun Apr 16 08:37:37 EDT 2000

Keith Davidson wrote:
>1) Has there been any discussion about the upwards compatibility of the C
>API in future versions of Python?  Historically our libraries have had a
>7-10+ year lifespan where we provide 95+% backwards compatibility (i.e. we
>don't want our C API users to have to make more than a day or so worth of
>changes between releases).  My big concern is Python 3000- what are the odds
>that its C API will be backwards compatibility with Python 1.x?

Isn't it a waste to even think of a API in C for the next 1000 years?
I would rather be concerned about changing OS and hardware issues. The
API is dependent on that. 
Tried to build something for 64bit? Win64, IA64? C is horror on most
complicated issues.
Reini Urban

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