Upgrading IIS to 1.6 problem....

Manus Hand mjhand at concentric.net
Tue Apr 18 07:51:56 CEST 2000

Pieter Claerhout wrote:
> If you go to the Internet Services Manager, and you select a web
> application, you can edit the application options (in IIS 4 or higher,
> a webapp is a folder with the blue icon). If you go to the home directory
> tab, you can click on the configure button to change the settings for your
> application. If you go there to the App Mapping tabs, to what points the
> extension .cgi? My guess it that it's pointing to the python 1.5
> executable and not to the 1.6 executable.
I'll check that when I get to work in the morning.  Thanks for the
I failed to consider that the IIS Mgr apps might be overriding the
registry setting.  I'll let you know if this turns the trick.


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