Python 2.0

Warren Postma embed at
Thu Apr 27 21:43:35 CEST 2000

> I'm evaluating the viability of developing a number of largish
> applications over the next few months. However, I'm concerned about them
> not being conformant with Python 2.0. I know that the interpreter could
> simply be left at the 1.5.2 or 1.6 level, but this will probably not
> satisfy my customer. I could go with that other scripting language, but
> would rather not.

I am quite happy with 1.5.2, and I am lucky because my customers don't know
anything about Python 2.0, and I haven't mentioned it. I'm not sure even
Guido knows [yet] everything that will be different in 2.0, since they're
really still in the 1.6 alpha stages of development right now.

I suspect that if Python 1.5.2 does everything you need, you should stick to
solving the problems you have right now, and not worry too much about trying
to prevent all future problems before they happen. be careful you don't get
so Future Minded in your approach that you never get anything done. And you
certainly shouldn't choose languages based on whether or not they're going
to change, because either they will change, or they have stopped evolving,
and are basically dead.   Take your pick, but both of those problems are
there, and they won't be easily cheated.


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