Two questions

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Apr 5 16:41:20 CEST 2000

Ivan Van Laningham wrote:
> Gordon McMillan wrote:
> > At the moment, you'll have a bit of trouble with my stuff and
> > the fact that Marc-Andre puts his .pyds inside the packages.
> > There are workarounds, and I have a patch from Thomas Heller
> > which I haven't finished reconciling to some of my other
> > changes.
> > 
> How nasty are the workarounds?  Do they make life annoying for the guy
> who writes the installs?  (Acceptable--possibly even desirable.) 
> Annoying for me?  (Irritating but acceptable.)  Or infuriating for our
> customers?  (Unacceptable.)

A bit of pain for you, but not nearly enough to make me 
happy. The problem is that there's a mxDateTime directory 
and a mxDateTime.pyd.

Here's how Calishar solved it:

> The way I ended up solving it was renaming the mxDateTime directory to
> something else, and copying the mxDateTime.pyd file to the dlls
> directory under (pythonroot).

> Of course, if there is a way to make life unbearable for the salesmen
> (and they are all men), that would be ideal.

You were made for each other, I'm sure.

> > > <floccinausinihilipilification>-ly y'rs,
> > > Ivan
> > 
> > Are you describing your hairline, your nervous twitch, or the
> > effect of the latter on your former?
> > 
> C'mon, Gordon.  Get out your OED!  I _know_ you've got one.

Sorry, I don't. I find that "flocci" could be related to the term for 
the hairy stuff growing on vegetable matter, or from a synonym 
for carphology. Either way, I suspect your hopeless quest for 
verisimilitude has you attempting to emulate male pattern 

- Gordon

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