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Tue Apr 25 03:28:42 CEST 2000

To help Andrew out since he is busy at work on the stuff for which he
gets paid, I thought I'd just send off a couple lines to update the
folks on the status, the long and harrowing saga of
which the recent chapter of the April [Y2K] disk crash will soon be
coming to a close, for better or worse.

Now, for this I have two items, one good an one bad, and what do you
guys want first?

Okay, since no-one spoke up, I'll tell the good first, as it's good for
a little softening up before the bad.  :)

So the good news is, it looks like the 'Mysterious Entity' that may
have stepped in to pay for the old disk recovery will have much less to
pay towards that end...

The reason for this is, THE DISK IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE DISK!  Yep, the
recovery place could not restore the ond disk, so we'll have to stick
with that old 1 February 2000 backup and hope that folks didn't do too
much work since then.

Of course, this means it is SAFE TO UPDATE now, since there will be no
further updates to the Starship apart from getting the rest of the non-
mission critical systems working such as Telnet and Zope.  Stay tuned
for more information as it appears, and Andrew will no doubt return to
give an update on the final missing services later this week.

Be Seeing You,


P.S. Yes, they ARE considering adding MAPS or ORBS to the Starship!
Woo hoo!

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