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> A couple of questions:
> > We build medium-busy, CGI-intensive sites in Python. We were briefly
> > quite excited about Zope, but once we realized it locked us into Yet
> > Another Programming Language, we lost interest. DHTML is
> > particularly
> > problematic,
> 1.  I'm not familiar with Zope.  Is DHTML specific to Zope?  It seems
> to be proudly advertised on a lot of "webware" brochures I see these
> days.

My limited understanding of Zope is that to run Zope is to use DHTML and
vice-versa. I welcome corrections on this point.

> > The biggest hassle for us has been the weak MySQL support in
> > Python. The spec keeps changing and the interface is raw.
> 2.  Have you tried using PostgreSQL?  MySQL may be fast, but it's
> really little more than a filesystem represented as a database.
> It has no transaction support whatsoever which tends to lead to
> problems when you have a community-style site that has multiple
> parties trying to add messages, etc.  Have you had much success
> using it in a production environment?  I realize Slashdot and I
> think Sourceforge do, but they have their share of troubles.
> Of course, the Postgres Python bindings may be just as bad from your
> perspective.  :-)
> Thanks,
> -Brent
If we were going to look at a transaction-enabled system it would
probably be Oracle, since as you note there are hassles with everything.
We might as well get a marketing buzzword for our troubles. But then, I
don't really know....

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