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> A few weeks ago, Guido asked me to write a NIS+ module for python.
> I wrote the original NIS module (that's why he asked me) and I
> know how
> NIS works.
> The past few weeks I've been reading documentation about NIS+ and I
> *think* I know
> how to implement a nisplus extention module, but before I start to
> implement this
> module, I want to 'feel' a NIS+ environment.
> My question to the python community is:
>     can anyone help me to get *access* to a NIS+ domain?
> Adding me and my system to such a domain woul help me a lot.
> Having an account on a computer in a NIS+ domain would also be very
> usefull.
> So, are there any NIS+ administrators out there who can help me  (and
> the python community as a whole)?

Any system administrator with systems in a NIS+ domain, willing
to give me access to such a system (preferable Linux, Solaris is fine
too) helps me a lot.
With an 'ordinary' account I can start on the read-only-access
implementation of nisplus. If a NIS+ administrator grants me more rights
I can also implemment the read-write-access implementation of nisplus.

> Thanks in advance.
> P.S.: Please mail your replies, since I don't have the time to
> regulary read the c.l.p. newsgroup.

Posting is o.k. too since "Deja Tracker" sends me an e-mail if someone

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