need help just begining

R E Heath re.heath at
Wed Apr 12 02:06:16 EDT 2000

SheaMon wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> My name is Shea and I am just starting out on programming.
> I know not one thing about it, and a person told me to try
> Python programming. But I have not idea what to do to start
> making a program.
> I main question is this. If i got a copy of this tutor can
> I just leave the numbers and stuff like that and just edit
> the rest? I get so lost in the number part of the
> programming. If anyone here has some time can you please
> help me and email me at my address here.
> thanks.
> Shea
> SheaCouture at
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Python is an exceedingly good programming language but not really the
thing for a complete newcomer to start with. I'd suggest you start with
one of the older versions of BASIC such as MBASIC, BASICA, or QBASIC (or
others of similar type, but not VisualBasic) which run under DOS. When
you get the hang of that with a few non-trivial programs, then come back
and have a look at Python.


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