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Sun Apr 23 06:56:47 CEST 2000

I am currently doing a project in Tkinter and Python.

The prototype of the project is placed in HTML format at

I have almost finished with the bottom part but the top frame seems to
be difficult to me. I am running short of ideas of how to implement the
top frame. I am thinking of using different canvas for each day(i.e.
Mon, Tue etc.)  to show classes held during days at a particular time.
Ofcourse the data willbe taken from the database and will be dynamic. So
I will also need the scrollbar for each day if the classes held at
monday at 8.00 is > than 1.

Some suggestions for implememting the upper frame are welcome.
Also, let me know if it is possible with the canvas and buttons and
writing text on the buttons to represent the classes at  a particular


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