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> > > You are really going to need to go through an MFC tutorial or book
> before
> > > you can make heads or tails of Pythonwin from that level...
> >
> > Any recommendations?
> Afraid not.  I already new MFC when I started Pythonwin.  I learnt it from
> the MFC "scribble" tutorial.  I find I tend to learn best with a tutorial
> and then playing - that is what I did with Python (back then there was no
> other alternative, but even now that is my recommended strategy for
> competant existing programmers learning Python...)
If you're not of this bent, I recommend these books for learning MFC (a
little light reading):

Programming Windows with MFC, Second Edition
By Prosise, Jeff
1337 Pages
Published by Microsoft Press
Date Published: 05/1999
ISBN: 1572316950

Professional MFC with Visual C++ 6
By Blaszczak, Mike
1200 Pages
Published by Wrox Press Inc.
Date Published: 08/1999
ISBN: 1861000154

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