Another question

Jeff Massung jmassung at
Tue Apr 18 22:01:32 CEST 2000

Michael Hudson wrote in message ...
>But really, this is getting silly; if performance is this much of an
>obsession you aren't going to have that much fun with Python.

No, performance isn't a BIG issue for my program - and so far I love Python.
I'm just learning it and trying to stay away from "performance pitfalls".
It's not that I'm trying to squeeze every bit of speed out of Python, just
trying to get the best performance out of my program.

Two things I've learned from this thread:

1. Differences in code don't make THAT much difference in performance
(except in a few of the cases mentioned).

2. There are many different ways to do something (ala Perl) - which has
drawbacks and advantages.

Thanks, everyone!

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