Some bugs in Pythonwin b.128

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Sun Apr 2 18:53:52 EDT 2000

Mark Hammond wrote:
> > Try changing these settings in your config file:
> >     Shift-9           = <<paren-open>>
> >     Shift-0           = <<paren-close>>
> That is excellent to know.  Does anyone know how I can determine
> the keyboard layout?  ie, how can I programatically determine
> where the paren keys are?

umm.  why should you?  shouldn't you either use TranslateMessage
and look for "(" or ")" WM_CHAR events, or use ToAscii/ToUnicode to
do the translation "inline"?

(in Tkinter, all you need to do is to bind to <Shift-(> and <Shift-)>,
but I supports you're not using that one here :-)


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