PythonWin and Dialogs in DLLs

Roger Burnham rburnham at
Wed Apr 19 00:26:16 CEST 2000

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000 15:34:51 -0600, Ivan Van Laningham
<ivanlan at> wrote:

>Hi All--
>OK, I followed the instructions in previous messages to this list to
>build a resource-only DLL from which I wish to import custom dialogs. 
>The build works, but using "import migrate1", where the dll is named
>"migrate1.dll" gives me the error message
>	dynamic module does not define init function (initmigrate1)
>Digging around for that error message seems to indicate that it's
>thinking I want an extension module with code in it, when all I want to
>do is just have *resources only*.
>What am I missing?  What's staring me in the face if only I would open
>my eyes?


In your pywin.mfc.dialog.Dialog derived class, call the parent init
with the dll:

           Dialog.__init__(self, dllid='pathToYourDll')
Roger Burnham
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