Browse dialog in PythonWin

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Wed Apr 19 22:28:33 EDT 2000

"Ivan Van Laningham" <ivanlan at> wrote in message
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> Hi All, Roger--
> Roger Burnham wrote:
> >
> [snippery]
> >
> > Here's a dialog I adapted from something I found in the PythonWin
> > distribution.
> >
> [more ruthless snippery]
> That will do *very* nicely!  Thank you!

An alternative to get the real Windows browser dialog:

>>> import
>>>, None, "Select it", 0, None,
('\024\000\037P\340O\320 \352:i\020\242\330\010\000+00\235\024\000.w
\354!\352:i\020\242\335\010\000+00\235\000\000', 'Control Panel', 21)

I selected "Control Panel" - You will need to read the docs to see how to
use that funky string (the PIDL)...

No news on starship yet - if its not available for me to re-upload in 24
hours I will do it somewhere else...


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