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Charles Boncelet boncelet at udel.edu
Thu Apr 6 21:58:09 EDT 2000

lewst wrote:

> Now something I can't quite figure out is: why are there so many more
> books on Perl out there than on Python?

Quick personal note: a few years ago, I realized that scripting languages
were the future and, AFAIK, Perl was it, so I bought
a Perl book.  After reading it, I didn't really "get it", so I
bought another, and another.  I also picked up every issue of
the Perl Journal for awhile.  Wrote a few Perl scripts, but
never really "got it".

6 months ago, I discovered Python and it immediately clicked.
Learned most of Python before buying my first Python book.

Now I use Python for everything (well, ocassionally C or

But I own 3 or 4 Perl books and only 1 Python book.

    Charlie Boncelet
Charles Boncelet, University of Delaware,
On sabbatical at ADFA, Canberra Australia,
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